FAQs was created long before the “cash for clunkers” program to provide an outlet for vehicles that are damaged in some way and classified as clunkers, Junk or End of Life Vehicles (ELV). These vehicles are classified as such, because of mechanical, collision, flood or storm damage, or salvage branded titles. and its parent company are reputable companies, and have been in business for over 25 years.
The DamagedCars Service Provider Program is an online marketplace for damaged and End of Life (ELV) vehicles where registered ELV buyers (Service Providers) and ELV vehicle owners (Sellers) connect through a technology driven platform. The web site enables Service Providers to create a profile, manage their pricing structure, receive leads, place offers on vehicles submitted by sellers who accept or reject your offers.
A Service Provider is a buyer of ELV vehicles who is registered with and who is allowed to participate in making offers to purchase ELV vehicles from Sellers that submit their vehicles to our website. will connect you with sellers in your specified regions who are eager to sell their ELV vehicles to you. With hundreds of daily inquiries from sellers, receives an array of vehicle submissions that includes Cars, SUVs, and Pick-up Trucks. Our connection platform is a Quick, Easy & Cost-Effective way to capture hidden opportunities to purchase ELV vehicles.
First, you register as a Service Provider. Once approved, you will have access to a web-based dashboard which allows you to set your offer prices for zip code regions that you want to service, and other vehicle criteria. will connect you with Sellers who submit vehicles in your zip code region when a seller accepts your offer. You make direct pickup and payment arrangements with the seller. It’s that Simple!
There is no fee to join as a Service Provider. For each referred vehicle that is purchased, the Service Provider will pay a small referral fee to will bill the Service Provider on a biweekly or monthly basis for vehicles confirmed as picked up by the Service Provider. The process of confirming a vehicle has been picked up takes places when a Service Provider completes DamagedCars’ electronic dispatching confirmation on the web-based dashboard. seeks Service Providers who provide prompt & professional vehicle removal, courteous customer service, and who embraces integrity & ethics in their business practices.
Yes, we prefer companies that are licensed, bonded and insured and who have the financial ability to pay for vehicles. The Service Provider must have their own tow trucks or sublet towing in order to pick up vehicles that are purchased. does not provide towing services.
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